Reduce Costs
For the procurement of goods and services
Focus on Business
and outsource your purchasing and administration experts
Simplify your work
by having single point of support for all non-core activities
No initial cost
we commit before your do!
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Why Saseco

Cost Saving

Saseco can reduce the costs of a company both in terms of the internal effort expended for Procurement and Administration activities, but also in terms of the prices paid for goods and services...


Saseco’s involvement in a company’s procurement cycle significantly simplifies internal processes. Saseco brings to the company a customised web-based solution that allows staff to place orders for...

Management Support

Saseco establishes an effective framework for monitoring the expenses and utilisation of goods and services by a company’s staff members. This allows Saseco to provide managerial...

Collaboration Approach

Saseco is confident that it can reduce a company’s expenses. On this principle, Saseco is not afraid to commit to an agreement before a customer does...

Administer a Tenders Process

Saseco can represent the company and request proposals from the market, consolidate them and
provide collected responses to the company’s management for evaluation and decision.

Services & Solutions

Procurement of Goods and Services

  • We provide our customers with the best value for money for all the goods and services they wish to procure.
  • We negotiate the best possible deals on behalf of our customers.
  • We find new suppliers for goods and services as the company’s needs change.
  • We follow a tenders process for all requirements of the company.

Administration of Procurement

  • We consolidate deliveries from multiple vendor to have the minimum number of deliveries disturbingoperations.
  • We verify charges from suppliers and consolidate invoices to reduce the administrative effort for payments.
  • We provide a customised system for order placement of common goods and services.

Vendor Management

  • We monitor vendor performance to ensure that the company receives the best possible quality of service.
  • We follow up Service Level Agreements and contracts to ensure that all terms are upheld.
  • We regularly assess vendor performance and if necessary replace under performing vendors.

Managerial Reporting

  • Several reports provided to help management keep closer monitoringon their non core expenses.
  • Comparative reports of expenses/utilisation between departments and across the market.
  • Budgetingand expenses projections.

Property Management

  • Development – Project management
  • Premises monitoring & addressing problems
  • Annual maintenance Budgeting
  • Office space management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Facilities & maintenance management

Building Management

  • Rent & let contracts
  • Premises Handing over & getting possession
  • Tax payments
  • Legal issues with local authorities
  • Land Registry services
  • Town Planning legislation
  • Buildings Inventory
  • Energy Audit coordination
  • Drawings in electronic format

Facilities Management

  • Lift maintenance contracts
  • Air conditioning & Ventilation maintenance contracts
  • Power factors maintenance contracts
  • Fire Alarm & Firefighting systems maintenance contracts
  • Close Control Units maintenance contracts
  • CCTV maintenance contracts
  • Access Control Systems maintenance contracts
  • Cleaning contracts
  • Building committees – allocation of common expenses

Office Space

  • Questioners and Requirements
  • Working positions allocation (small scale alterations)
  • Agreements with external consultants
  • Tendering and contract award
  • Coordination and monitoring – construction
  • Preparation of furniture tenders
  • Handing over
  • Final Accounts
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