Cost Saving

Saseco can reduce the costs of a company both in terms of the internal effort expended for Procurement and Administration activities, as well as in terms of the prices paid for goods and services. Saseso specialises in procurement and as such one of its core activities is to monitor the market and be aware of the prices and quality available from each vendor in a very wide scope of products and services. This allows Saseco to be in a position to advice a customer for the best “value-for-money” option in any services or products it could require.

Of course, when Saseco negotiates a price for a customer, it has significantly higher purchasing power than the customer on its own, as it represents many other customers as well. This, combined with the negotiating skills and expertise of Saseco can achieve the best price for the customer.

Beyond the pricing received, Saseco reduces internal efforts expended in the procurement and administration cycle. Saseco provides the company with customised tools that simplify the procurement process and reduce the time staff spend to place an order. Saseco also consolidates deliveries to fit the client’s schedule, in order to reduce the disturbances in operations from numerous deliveries from different vendors. Moreover, for payments, Saseco takes the responsibility to verify charges received and consolidates them to reduce the number of payments that the company has to handle.

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