Management Support Services

Saseco establishes an effective framework for monitoring the expenses and utilisation of goods and services by a company’s staff members. This allows Saseco to provide managerial information to the company. The company management can now monitor its expenses and identify issues. The monitoring can be done on a time scale (trends in increasing utilisation), across cost centres (comparative internal) as well as against the average of other Saseco customers (comparative external). These reports can allow for the identification of issues, like for example, problematic or bureaucratic procedures that increase consumption, inefficient operations, problematic equipment that could be best replaced, or even internal fraudulent activities.

Saseco also provides the company with extrapolated cost reports, providing the necessary information for budgeting and forecasting of expenses.

Saseco also provides management with additional reports such as customer surveys, market insights, vendor analysis, new products and services, or suggestions to reduce costs by replacing vendors, items, or equipment.

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