Our Services

Saseco provides procurement and administration services for all non-core activities of medium and large enterprises. Saseco’s services constitute a comprehensive solution for a company to assign the effective and efficient management of its procurement and administration to a specialised partner. Saseco can help a company to:

  1. Procure goods and services: Locate, compare, order and receive goods and services from trusted vendors to ensure the best quality of service and best possible pricing. Such goods and services can include:


Focusing on monitoring the market, Saseco can find for a company any good or service at the best value for money. We assure our clients that they can refer to a single point for all their procurement needs.

It should be emphasised that Saseco is NOT a trader. On this purpose, there is no affiliation to any trader. We always negotiate the best prices to the benefit of our customers, not for any supplier. Moreover, having no stong affiliations means that we can also work with your preferred vendors rather than the ones we have worked with in the past and still be able to provide value to this relation to your own benefit.

  1. Obtain Specialised services: Saseco can provide help in specialised services like:


Saseco provides some of these services through trusted partners. Whether though these services are provided through a partner or not, you will only need to wok with ONE partner, for all these services and more. We aim to consolidate all collaboration under one roof.

3. Storage: Saseco can provide storage space, store and manage of a company’s stock or unnecessary items.
4. Administer a Tenders Process: Saseco can represent the company and request proposals from the market, consolidate them and provide collected responses to the company’s management for evaluation and decision. This allows the tender process to remain separate from the company’s activities, while maintaining the company’s anonymity in the request for proposals. Saseco can also negotiate with the client’s choice of vendor(s) to ensure the best possible price and terms are obtained.
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