Saseco’s involvement in a company’s procurement cycle significantly simplifies internal processes. Saseco also brings to the company a customised web-based solution that allows staff to place orders for goods and services. Unlike a generic solution, the Saseco application will only show a staff member the items that she/he can order as selected by his/her management. The company’s management selects the items that each cost centre can order and only these are visible to the individuals connecting to the Saseco application.

The application also provides controls that are adapted to the client’s needs, as the company wishes to implement. A request by a staff member can go through two levels of authorisation before it reaches Saseco. For example, if an individual wants to order stationery, this order will be approved by the individual’s manager and then it can be escalated to a central authority (e.g. Financial Control) for final authorisation.

A placed order can include a variety of items from a variety of vendors. Saseco removes the vendor parameter from the considerations of the company. The company only needs to know one company, Saseco, for all issues concerning a vendor. Saseco provides a company with a single point of support, one contact point for all vendor requirements. One contact point to place orders, irrespective of the vendor. One point of contact to escalate an issue with a product or service. One point of support to request a new service or product to be brought into the company. One point for anything and everything the customer may need.
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